Flying stars Year Wood Goat

Auspicious sectors, afflictions, flying stars for 2015

On the 4th of February 2015 during the Horse hour (from 11am to 1 pm), we will officially start the year of the Yin Wood Goat, or Wood Sheep, or Wood Ram. Yes, it is not on the 19th of February: this is the date of the lunar start and of celebrations, but the shift of Chi is on the solar start, 4th of Feb. It is therefore time to have a look at the different sectors for the year, and the Qi Men Dun Jia method to start with the best of Luck in 2014.

To determine the auspicious and inauspicious sectors in your home and business for 2015, the year of the Wood Goat, we use different filters. The first one is the location of the annual afflictions. The second one is the location of the flying stars for the year: we are particularly interested into the 8 flying star, a positive Earth start for wealth, and the 5 Yellow Star, a negative flying star that we best not activate. Finally, we also look at the Qi Men Dun Jia chart for this year. Below is the combination of those different filters on the 8 main directions or sectors.

For the details, here it is:

Flying stars Year Wood Goat

Flying stars, Qi Men Dun Jia and annual afflictions 2015. Copyright Laurent Langlais.

Tai Sui. Tai Sui is another name for the Great Duke Jupiter. Have you ever wondered how the 12 signs, or branches, of the Chinese Zodiac were determined? They are based on the 12 years full orbit cycle of Jupiter, originally. Therefore the sign of a given year is meant to represent the position of Jupiter in relation to Earth’s orbit. It also translates into one of the sector on a map, bagua or with the compass: depending of the Tai Chi (limits) you are considering. This location of this sign of the year is considered inauspicious for the year: it is best not activated.

This year, it is of course the Goat location, or SW1 (202.6 – 217.5 degrees). Therefore the whole Southwest sector, to be on the safe side, is considered inauspicious if activated.

Sui Po. The “Year breaker” is actually the sector directly opposite to the Tai Sui. So, quite logically, it is represented by the Ox – NE1 (22.6-37.5) and by extension, the whole Northeast sector is best left undisturbed.

San Sha. Also called the 3 Killings. This sector is determined by something a bit more technical. Fist, we have to identify in which Elemental frame belongs the sign of the year. The Goat belongs to the Wood frame, which is: Wood Element born in the Pig, growing in the Rabbit, and in storage in the Goat. Then, we determine the sector that is in opposition with this Wood Frame. It is the West sector (247.6 to 292.5), which is the location of the San Sha/3 Killings this year.

Annual 3 killings 2015

San Sha for the year of then Wood goat, in the West. Copyright Laurent Langlais.

Next, we have the location of the Flying stars. While technically all 9 Flying stars have their influence, the two major ones are the 8 and the 5. The 5 fall this year in the West sector. The West sector is afflicted twice this year and is therefore quite inauspicious. For travelling, it is best to not use the West-East axis too much this year, especially if some monthly afflictions fall into one of the two directions too. This is the reason why I have also put the East sector in redish, to show that it is not inauspicious per say, but best not used too much.

The 8 Flying Star falls into the North sector that is therefore considered a good one to activate for the year.

Finally, with the Qi Men Dun Jia plate, only the Southwest sector is really standing out. But remember, this is also the sector of the Tai Sui/Great Duke Jupiter this year…So, it is still not practical to activate it, but the good QMDJ influence mitigates the heavy influence of the Tai Sui in Southwest.

Altogether, we therefore see that the West sector is the most heavily afflicted, with Northeast and Southwest best left quiet too, and East to use sparingly. The North is the best sector to be, and Southeast, South, Northwest somehow neutral. If we look at the secondary flying stars, then Northwest is the best, Southeast and South not so much.

Go west or not in 2015

This year, don’t go West; despite what the Pet shop Boys & The Village people told us!

What is an activation by the way? Loud noise, knocking on a wall, slamming a door or renovations are all considered an activation. So, if you have to renovate, at least do not start with one of the afflicted sector of the year, and see with your favorite London Feng Shui consultant (that would be Laurent Langlais) on which month you can renovate the afflicted sectors if you need to.

As for sleeping or working in an office located in those areas, it is still acceptable if the sectors are good for your Bazi/Four Pillars charts. Sitting opposite to them is also acceptable in my book.

If you are choosing a new home this year, best is to not have the main door in one of the afflicted sector. The house facing direction being one of the affected one is also not ideal. That being said, what is good for you personally, based on an Elemental analysis of your Bazi and Feng Shui, takes priority. Technically, when you live in a house or flat/apartment for years, your door or façade will eventually be in one of the afflicted sector at some point. So it is if you have a large choice that you best avoid those directions and sectors for the façade and main door. If you have to, then selecting a good day to move in will certainly help. As for businesses, the problem is less present, but the same logic applies.

Stay tuned for the Qi Men Dun Jia sectors to activate in the first days of the Chinese New Year to boost your luck.

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