Rooster year 2017 Feng Shui

Gong Xi Fa Cai! A special Feng Shui luck boost for the Chinese New Year.

恭喜發財 – Gong Xi Fa Cai! I am wishing you a prosperous and happy year of the Fire Rooster 2017.

Have you read my 13 Feng Shui tips to get a lucky start for the year of the Fire Rooster yet?

Here is my other gift to you. A special Feng Shui activation to have some good luck at the beginning of the Chinese New Year. A good luck to start the Rooster year is not random, but can be calculated. We are going to activate the right Chi at the right time and the right place. By activating it, we initiate a temporary cycle of “good luck”, especially with money aspects. The Feng Shui Luck boost that I have chosen for you this week is exactly half-way between the lunar and solar start of the Chinese New Year, making it very special and particularly efficient.

I have determined this date using the Chinese calendar, Feng Shui and the Qi Men Dun Jia oracle.

Even better: as this is the Chinese new year, I offer you two activations on the same day! And this hours also activate a very good sector for the whole day, making this Feng Shui Luck boost a super lucky one for the CNY. Here it is (drum roll).

Tuesday the 31st of January

Activation in Northeast

1h-3h (1 to 3 am, local time) and

17h-19h (5 to 7pm, local time).

Both Feng Shui luck boost are in the Northeast sector. You can use either or both for more efficiency. The structure is good for the hours AND the day, making it very special indeed. ALWAYS take your local time.

We are now in winter and do not have the DST problem anymore in the Northern hemisphere. However, if you live in the Southern hemisphere and have now entered the DST/daylight saving era. Use instead the following hours: midnight to 2AM, then 16PM to 18PM.

How to do the Feng Shui & Qimen activation?

Put your fan or water feature in the Northeast sector of your home, or business premises. On the 31st of January, start i tat the time written and stop it after 2 hours.

As a reminder for some important rules:

  • The activations are done with a small fan in movement or a small indoor water fountain. If using a fan, combine it with a bowl of water (careful with the water and safety hazard).
  • Either shall be fairly active in the movement but not too noisy.
  • No need to activate another way.
  • Finally we are not talking about FACING the direction with the feature but rather having the feature inside the room located in this sector.

Finding the centre, sectors and direction at home.

Let’s say we do this in a flat located in West London and you want to start experiencing Feng Shui with this method before you hire me for your consultation (I have put some subliminal messages on this article). Look at the layout on the floor plan: find the centre of the flat. Go there with your compass. The compass indicates that the Northeast direction and sector is in the den. So you’ll use a fan or water feature in this room on the 31st of January 2017 at the times listed – not before, not after. Of course this is an example and your flat layout might differ in term of rooms placement and directions.

The Chinese New Year is an excellent time to change your home and boost your business with Feng Shui. It is also the right time to know what the year has in store for you, understand its influences and adapt to manifest a beautiful life, you through your Bazi consultation. To make an appointment now, contact me through

And make sure you visit my blog next week as I’ll have more luck boosts and exicting new to share with you.

I wish you a fantastic Chinese year of the Fire Rooster!

Rooster year 2017 Feng Shui

This Rooster year can bring you good luck if you start with my Feng Shui tips! Pic: