Pig year 2019 world predictions

World predictions: 2019, year of the Earth Pig. 1

Gong Xi Fa Cai: happy year of the Pig 2019! This year starts on the 5th of February 2019 (lunar calendar), but for Chinese astrology it really starts on the 4th of February…And so here we are finally, with my worldwide predictions for the year of the Yin Earth Pig 2019. To understand the predictions, you first need to get the concepts of the Yin-Yang and the 5 Elements. Here is then a reminder for you…

Chinese astrology: how it works.

There is inside and around us a universal energy called the Qi. Think along the line of the Force in Star Wars…This is the energy that we use in Feng Shui. Chinese astrology, but also Chinese medicine, acupuncture…Without Qi there is no life basically.

Movement is life, and to create movement we need two different polarities. They are Yin and Yang. Concepts such as day and night, male and female, hot and cold etc. illustrate the opposition but also complementarity of the Yang and the Yin.

Then we have further aspects of the energy. Besides the quality of the Yin and Yang, the energy can take 5 different phases. Those 5 phases are often referred as the 5 Elements. By analogy, they are called: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. It is not unlike the 4 Elements system in Greek philosophy…Then those Elements can generate, control, or limit each other. To know more about the 5 Elements you can read my 3 part article.

So, back to the year then. Each Chinese year combines one of the 5 Elements with one of the 12 Chinese signs. Each Chinese sign is also made of the 5 Elements: usually a combination of them. The relation between the Element or energy that sits on top (called the Stem) and the energy that are below, the animal of the year (called the Branch) can be harmonious and supportive, or challenging. And then we also need to see what this complex energy of the year does to other Elements to be able to make predictions…shall we go then?

Pig year 2019 world predictions

Will this year of the Pig fly or crash? Pic by https://www.flickr.com/photos/ajhawes/

The year of the Yin Earth Pig for the world.

This year 2019 is a Yin year, that is more “receptive”. Receptive to changes, first and foremost. It is a year when the world is less about strong egos that do not want to negotiate, and more about implementing some changes. When we look at the composition of Elements, here what we have in store this time. The Stem – that is the energy on top – is Yin Earth. It is the Earth of the soil, the one that can feed us all. Compare to the Yang Earth that was ruling 2018, the Dog year: the unmovable Yang Earth, the mountain that does not change…So we have much more flexibility here, and also the notion that this year “gives” more than the previous one.

Then below we have the Pig sign. The Pig is a Water sign, but it it also the beginning of what we call in Chinese astrology the Wood frame. This frame is as follow: the Wood Element is born into the Pig, reaches its peak into the Rabbit, and goes into storage in the Goat/Sheep. So the Pig contains both Water and Wood. To be exact, it is made of Yang Water – the Water Element of rivers, waterfalls and oceans – and of Yang Wood, the Wood Element of tall trees. Those hidden Elements are called the Roots of the sign.

Therefore the relation that I analyse this year to make predictions is the one between: Yin Earth, Yang Water and Yang Wood.

Compare to the previous years then:

  • 2016: The Yang Fire Monkey. Fire, Metal and Water clash.
  • 2017: The Yin Fire Rooster. Fire and Metal clash.
  • 2018: The Yang Earth Dog. Yang Earth overly strong, supported by more Yang Earth and Yin Fire

What is interesting here is that the Earth was very strong last year with Wood and Water totally absent. This time the Earth go through a more complicated dynamics, and Wood and Water reappear…So it is a total change.

Deeper into the Rabbit hole: Chinese astrology analysis of the Yin Earth Pig year.

You will understand this part better if you are already familiar with some Bazi and Feng Shui notions. But fear not: it is always back to the 5 Elements to understand what is happening…So during the Yin Earth Pig, there is a conflict between the Yin Earth and Yang Water. The Yin Earth tries to block the Yang Water and stop it from being flowing. However the more complex story is that the Yang Wood, also contained in the Pig sign, actually combines with the Yin Earth. This is called a stem combination. Yang Wood + Yin Earth can from Earth together…

And finally we have the timing.  The Yin Earth has more influence on the first half of the year: February to the end of July 2019. The the Wood and Water get stronger in the second half, from August 2019 to the end of January 2020.

So the full story for Chinese astrology is as follow:

  1. The Yin Earth tries to stop the Yang Water
  2. The Yin Earth has no ressource (no Fire) and no output (no Metal)
  3. It is sitting on shallow grounds, rich in Water (Yin Earth on Pig sign)
  4. The Wood of the Pig tends to combine with the Yin Earth to form more Earth
  5. However the Wood is fed by the Water and there is tension between the Wood getting stronger or turning into Earth
Year of the Pig

The energies of the Yin Earth Pig year. Image courtesy of www.joeyyap.com

Now, let see what it tells us about the strength of each Element…

The Earth has not support (no ressource) and no output (no Metal). It is on the weaker side. However its control Element (Wood) is partly giving some support (Wood into Earth) by removing its control, and Earth sees its money Element (Water)…

  • Earth find support by removing some control and can go either way 

Fire is nowhere to be seen. The Earth of the year would use it. The Wood turning into Earth offers no support. Yang Water extinguishes it.

  • Fire is absent and the weakest Element of the year.

Metal is nowhere to be seen. The Water of the year would weaken it, but the Yin Earth can produce Metal. Metal, while absent, sees its output Element (Water), ressource Element  (Earth) and money Element (Wood) in the year.

  • Metal is absent but is the hidden link  for this year

Wood is present in the year. It sees its wealth Element (Earth) and its ressource Element. Part of the Wood harmoniously combines with the Stem to form more wealth

  • Wood is the best Element this year

Water is present. It is however feeding the Wood and blocked by the Earth, and see no support from the Metal or more Water.

  • Water is used by the year

So in order we have:

  1. Wood is the best supported Element of the year
  2. Metal is the secret connection of the year
  3. Earth can gain strength through this year
  4. Water is used and gets depleted
  5. Fire is the weakest of them all

Now, if you know a bit about your Bazi and your favorable Elements, you can start to get an idea of what the vibe of this year brings to you…

  1. If you have a Wood day master, it is a year of great opportunities
  2. If you have a Metal day master, you can win by making careful plans and being a problem solver
  3. If you have an Earth day master, it could be a year of metamorphosis especially in relationship and relocation
  4. If you have a Water day master, you need time for yourself and avoid risky scheme
  5. If you have a Fire day master…You have no leverage and must surrender to this Universe’s will for you!

This is very schematic of course and a much more refined Bazi analysis can be done to understand what this year brings to your astrology, month by month, for work, money, romance and your self-development. You can contact me to look into it…

Now, let me translate those relations between the Elements into my famous world predictions! Here we go then…

Politics and society during the Pig Year

The movements between the Earth and Wood Elements are creating the ground for changes in existing structures and politics. Brexit should indeed happen and will have ripples effects in Europe. There will first be talk about a new structure emerging: a common European army, a European president etc. Some countries will voice their disapproval of the EU structure – such as Eastern and most likely Southern Europe – while some other will reaffirm their belief in the system: such as France, Germany and Belgium. I foresee heated talks about the Scotland this year; and that following Brexit the Scottish independence could very well happen this time. In all honesty if a referendum is happening this year, Scotland is likely to become independent. There will be a lot of movement and tension with the Catalonian independence movement too. Those movements of independence will happen around the world, while the opposite movement – the emergence of mega-structures – will tentatively try to form too politically.

The US political class will see the emergence of a lot of new candidates and movement. This time, a real third party that will challenge the bi-party system is finally likely to emerge.

Revolutions and civil rights movements are bound to appear too. I foresee a movement such as a possible new Arabic Spring but more lead by women. Any governments that tries to repress civil movements will be facing rough challenges this year, as the Chi is more on the side of oppressed people. France, my home country, will not be spared and will likely see a new “May 68” taking place. Spain and France will be the two hot spots of mainland Europe, but some post Brexit tension and possibly riot will happen in England. Some governments will be overthrown, but not always by their citizens:  Venezuela will of course be a place of intense tension…

This year, like the previous Yin Earth Pig year of 1959, is likely to advance the rights of minority and bring many reforms in the law. I expect again women, indigenous people but also LGBT to lead the changes, by challenging unfair laws. Those two groups reflect the Earth Wood and Water dynamics that I see here (not to be mistaken for Earth Wind and Fire!). Expect some fights to go to the Supreme court ( in the US) or to the European court. Constitutions and outdated laws bill be challenged and changed most of the time. It is a good year for more equality and justice.

There is a very great emphasis on ecology, climate change and inaction of governments this year: more than in any other year in the past decade. This time citizens are likely to really create vast protest movements to force governments to take urgent changes about ecology and climate change. The thing is: governments will this time listen and enact some changes…In the big shift, I fully expect that big sex scandals will be revealed, affecting politics but also first and foremost religion. This time, they will make waves and some countries might decide to tackle pedophilia and sex abuse related to religion much more thoroughly.

As for the economy, there is no crash in sight this year, but rather some erratic movements for the stock market. Real estate in particular should do well in most markets – with of course the exception of England for obvious reasons…

Astrology Chinese year of the Pig protests

Pic by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/seanpanderson/

Natural disasters and accidents.

It is a year when there necessarily will be problems with transport. While some planes will experience technical difficulties or accidents, it is around boats and maritime transport that I expect the most problems – with potentially some big accident here again. Don’t shoot the messenger…We are also likely to witness a major problem with some infrastructure: most likely a  spectacular bridge or road collapse, although old buildings could also collapse under those energies. As for natural disasters, while earthquakes happen every year, one or more major landslide hitting populated area is to be expected.  Spectacular hurricanes and tornado are also likely to make the news and break some records. Expect the weather to be erratic and winds to be especially strong in many areas of the world this year. An airborne epidemic is not out of question.

Science & entertainment

The soil and farming methods will be very much a focus this year. New ways to regenerate the soil should emerge, as well as new development with bacteriology and mycology. The should also be advance in regenerative agriculture, and studies of ecosystems and the biosphere. In more controversial areas, genetic science will go a bit the “mad scientist” road this year with experiments in genes alteration and hybridation between different species. A Jurassic Park scenario to bring back to life some extinct plants (more likely) or animal life is also likely to emerge. GMO and pesticides will make the news for all the wrong reasons again, and Monsanto is likely to be in hot waters with new trials and bad news.

I expect some major news around new materials: so will be for construction, some other will be related to fabric and fashion. Talking about fashion, it is a domain that will make the news often this year: for unique or provocative catwalk and concepts often, but also for not being ecological and having too much of a negative impact on the planet. There should otherwise be some major archeological discoveries this year, that could rewrite the timeline of human history and palaeontology. Some species that we thought had disappeared will actually reappear and new ones being discovered:especially reptiles or amphibians. Space exploration finally will see some major development, and it is not unlikely that will hear about microbes or spores being found on Mars, possibly in underground waters. Finally there should be big news in urbanism, and alternative lifestyles and projects – such as living underwater, living in modern ecovillages, underground etc. should gain traction in some countries. Finally Hollywood should not beat any record this year and I expect 2019 to see less people in movie theaters than in 2019, due to the lack of Fire Element.

What is the year of the Pig good for?

This year, the relation between the Elements make it a fantastic year for travelling. If you have to take a year off and discover the world, do it this year. Digital nomads will really much enjoy those energies that help to move around, make new contacts and discover new cultures. It is also a great year for artists: arts are really much in focus, especially graphic arts such as painting, but also for writing. The year “screams” graphic design, and so freelancers in this line of work could do very well. For health and wellbeing, the year is great to work on our posture: to fix back and join problems for example. It is however a year that is harder on the lungs and on the heart, two areas that one should strengthen with Chinese medicine ideally. The year is otherwise can otherwise help you into learning a new language and to build your dream house, especially if it is using ecological materials or methods.

Of course, all of this needs to be fine tuned to your own Bazi chart and best is to have your Bazi analysis done to understand how the year will work for you…You can contact me any time to do so. Once again, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Laurent Langlais

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