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Chinese astrology Dragon Wales
Here are  your 12 Chinese signs horoscope and Bazi forecast for the Yang Fire Dragon  month, starting on the 5th of April 2018. Here is your general horoscope for the Dragon month of April 2018. Remember that while the general influence affects you, the only accurate predictions are made on your full individual Bazi chart. Each of us actually has 4 animals […]

Chinese horoscope for the Dragon month, April 2018.

Year of the Dog Rabbit sign
Horoscope 2018 for the sign of the Rabbit The Rabbit sign has been through a very challenging year in 2017: the clash with the Rooster was hitting you directly. You are one of the sign that welcomes the change of the year, and cannot wait for better times. A fair amount of celebrities with a Rabbit in their Bazi were […]

2018, year of the Dog: Chinese horoscope for the Rabbit