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Chinese astrology Monkey

A world forecast of the Fire Rooster year 2017. Part 1: The tricks of the Monkey.

2016 is gone, long live 2017! Ask most people what they thought of the Monkey year of 2016: a common answer is that it has been quite the downer. I think it’s fair to say that this year has been challenging. How does it come that 2016, Monkey year has […]

2016 Fire Monkey Hanuman

The complete Chinese astrology predictions for 2016, year of the Fire Monkey.   Recently updated !

The year of the Yang Fire Monkey is about to start on the 4th of February (solar time: lunar date is on the 8th). As a reminder, for this analysis we use the system known as the Bazi or Four Pillars of destiny: a form of Chinese astrology that codes […]