Qimen November 2016

Your free Feng Shui luck boost for November 2016, Pig month. 1

Feng Shui luck boost for November 2016, Pig month.

Welcome back: here is your November Feng Shui luck boost. On my blog www.laurentlanglais.com, I invite you every month to find a free Feng Shui method, easy to implement to boost your own luck. I am sharing here a technique that activates a precise sector/direction in your house (or business) with the combination of Feng Shui, Qi Men Dun Jia oracle and monthly Flying stars.

Read carefully the article until the end, as I will explain how I can offer you more free Feng Shui activations – up to 4 of them for the month of December. Don’t forget to turn on the notifications on the FB page so you can get the updates every month. Thank you!

And now for your free Feng Shui luck boost for November: the solar Pig month will start on the 7th of November. If you want to get the auspicious day and time right away, scroll down to the this part: Feng Shui activation for November 2016.

Feng Shui November 2016

A flying pig month and Feng Shui luck boost of November. Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/troybthompson/

November 2016 flying Stars and Qimen Dun Jia.

This month is unique for the Flying Stars. The monthly and yearly flying stars all match, and so we have double numbers in all sectors. This will greatly benefit some sectors and countries but also bring trouble to other parts of the world. In particular, the North East sector that is the most affected for the Feng Shui of 2016 now receives two double 5 this month. To understand the problems that it will bring, you can read my Bazi predictions for the Pig month that will soon be online.

Northeast is therefore the sector/direction to avoid this month. Usually it is best to avoid travelling along the axis affected by the 5 flying star. This means that travelling along the Northeast and Southwest axis is to be avoided, if possible.

The Southwest sector that was however a good one for this year is also receiving the best flying stars combination this month. So while the NE/SW axis shall not be used, spending time or activating the SW is excellent for this month. As far as the year and month flying stars are concerned, the SE, S, SW, E and W sectors are good this month, SW being the best. NW, N and NE are challenging, NE being the worse.

On top of this we combine the Qimen Dun Jia good and challenging sectors for this Pig month. By doing so the find that Southwest and West are the best sectors this month, combining Feng Shui, Qimen and flying stars techniques.

Qimen November 2016

Monthly and yearly Flying stars & Qimen for the Pig month. Copyright: Laurent Langlais 2016.

Finally I aim at finding a day that can activate the hour, day and month structure ideally. I couldn’t find one early on for the SW sector, but I found an excellent one for the West sector that combines the hour, day and month for this sector. Using this activation should be quite spectacular, so keep me informed of the results…

Feng Shui activation for November 2016

Thursday the 10th of November 2016

Activation in WEST

19h to 21h/7pm to 9pm

For the Southern hemisphere, keep reading carefully…

If you are in the northern hemisphere, take your local time. We are entering the winter period and do not have the DST problem anymore in the Northern hemisphere. However, if you live in the Southern hemisphere and have now entered the DST/daylight saving era. Use instead the following hours: 18h to 20h/6pm to 8pm

How to do the Feng Shui & Qimen activation?

Put your fan or water feature in the West sector of your home, or business premises. On the 10th of November, start it between 19h and 21h. Then stop the fan or water fountain after 21h.

This month activation will help you with career and money making. If you have a promotion to discuss, it could be excellent to do it the days after the activation has been done.

As a reminder for some important rules:

  • The activations are done with a small fan in movement or a small indoor water fountain.
  • Either shall be fairly active in the movement but not too noisy.
  • Do not activate another way like knocking on your wall
  • Finally we are not talking about FACING the direction with the feature but rather having the feature inside the room that located in this sector.

Finding the centre, sectors and direction at home.

Find the center of your house, apartment or business. Go there with a compass. Let’s say we do this in an apartment located in London and you want to start experiencing Feng Shui with this method before you hire me for your consultation (I have put some subliminal messages on this article). Look at the layout on the floor plan: find the centre of the flat. Go there with your compass. The compass indicates that the West direction and sector is in the den. So you’ll use a fan or water feature in this den room on 10th of November 2016 at the time listed – not before, not after. Of course this is an example and your flat layout might differ in term of rooms placement and directions.

Those activations are just one example of how the right Feng Shui can boost your luck and give you more opportunities in life. If you want to get an easier life – easier relationship, career and money opportunities – then you need to design your living environment with the right energy. Contact me now for a personalised Feng Shui and Four Pillar consultation in London or wherever you live, to give yourself a chance to improve your life for good!

As I am constantly doing business between London, Budapest and Paris, and so it is easier to contact me through my email: laurent@laurentlanglais.com

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I am willing to give you more free Feng Shui activations, but you have to help me helping you! To do so, we’ll need to build up my audience through my Facebook pages. You are currently around 1300 people following me on Feng Shui & Bazi by Laurent Langlais. My aim is to reach 2000 before the 1st of January 2017.

So here is the game. On the 1st of December I will check how many people follow me on this page.

  • If there are 1400 to 1600 followers at that time, I’ll give one extra Feng Shui activation for good luck in December: so you’ll get 2 instead of 1.
  • If there are 1600 to 1800 followers, you’ll get 3 activations for the month;
  • And if there are 1800 to 2000 followers, you’ll get 4 – one per week!

The way to achieve this is:

Stay tuned for my Bazi articles for the Yin Earth Pig month of November 2016.


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