Year of the Wood Goat: predictions

Astrology, predictions for the year of the Wood Goat 2015. Part 3: Your sign.

So here is the last part of my predictions for the year of the Yin Wood Goat/Sheep 2015, with finally a look at your sign and Bazi.

Year of the Wood Goat: predictions


So, as usual, a very usuful reminder. Predictions based on the year of birth of your chart only are a bit of a futile exercise. There is no way that million of people born on the same year have the same destiny…You have four pillars in your chart and the whole chart, and especially the dynamics of your birth Element, matters much more. What follows is just a general indication of a climate – your individual chart might tells a totally different story. This is also true to the predictions based on the Element of your Bazi, in the following list: it is a tendency, not your personal predictions.

You can otherwise find the first part of my predictions for this year of the Yin Wood Goat/Sheep/Ram here, about the comparison with the previous year of the Wood Goat in 1955 and the second part about what I expect to happen for the world in 2015 here.

So, with this in mind…

  • The Rat is part of the Water frame and the Water is severaly lacking this year. The Rat is also a peach blossom star for the Goat: so Rats serve the year, but the year doesn’t serve them. Overall rats people might have the feeling things don’t go their way, that they are part of bigger scheme and must go with the flow; they will find the year tiring and must not stretch their limits. For romance it is what you make of it but better for existing relationship rather than new meetings.
  • The Ox is in direct opposition with the Goat – and here we have the Wood/Metal clash in action. Oxens shall weight the pros and cons of every decision they make, read the small lines and double check their work this year. Don’t overlook any deadlines! Money opportunities might show up, but be conservative in everything you do Oxen – including with physical activities. For romance there can be an explosive meeting, but also breakup: be on the diplomatic side and be careful who you get involve with.
  • The Tiger is in an opposite sector but benefits from the vitality of the Wood. Tiger people can make the best of their year if they are willing to work hard and shall not be cocky; it can be good for them, there is money to be made. For Romance, like-minded people can gather around you and it is overall better for male.
  • The Rabbit is part of the Wood frame with the Goat and benefits from this year. Rabbit shall be able to thrive and make money. Don’t overdo Rabbit still – the Goat is the end of the Wood, so know when to rest. The Rabbit is in the affected sector of the East this year so plan ahead, be careful with investments and properties. Romance prospects are good for all Rabbits this year, and it can be an auspicious year for a wedding.
  • The Dragon, while not in a classical punishment formation with the Goat, is still an Earth sign. As the Water is lacking this year (Dragons are part of the Water frame), Dragons should not put themselves in danger – with their health and habits especially, and avoid risky investments. Don’t overdo in 2015 Dragons; go with the flow, prepare ahead, and be as diplomatic as possible.
  • The Snake have a better time than last year: the have an affinity with the Goat and there is no Fire formation melting their Metal anymore (Snake-Horse combining into Fire). They should dispose of good resources and can see advancement all over 2015. However for Snakes it is “no pain no gain” in the Goat year. Romance is on the bright side.
  • The Horse is the helper of the Goat. They have an affinity and usually get along. Horses have it easier than last year, especially with the Wood helping the Fire; however they are “used” by the Goat and must serve, rather than put their interests first in 2015. It can be the year of a meeting or marriage. Work on your karma Horses…
  • The Goat is in a punishment formation with the same sign. Often, people make they assumption that the return of their sign is good news: not necessarily. Goats should mind their words and avoid risky situations but can build up a good network of helpful people this year. Karma is a bitch if you were one only…For relationship, it is the year for couple therapy or seeing who you want to be with.
  • The Monkey is also part of the Water frame (Monkey-Rat-Dragon) and in the same sector as the Goat, affected by the Tai Sui this year. Monkeys can make money and see advancements, but must move their ponds slowly and cautiously and keep a low profile. Your partner shall not be taken for granted, and next year is more promising for new meetings;
  • The Rooster is in the sector of two annual afflictions and in opposition with the Stem of the year and the Wood frame of the Goat. It is a very contrarian year for Rooster; while they can make money, they should be cautious in all things, protect their relationships and avoid strenuous physical activities. If you are single Rooster, you can meet someone still…
  • The Dog is in a punishment formation with the Goat. Like for the Oxen, Dogs should double check everything, be on time with deadlines and paperwork, be very cautious with contracts and associations. If you get married this year Dogs, choose the date carefully with an astrologer; use diplomacy in relationships
  • The Pig is part of the Wood frame with the Rabbit and the Goat and as such benefits from this year. They should see helpful people coming their way and can make money. The lack of Water affects them still – they shall monitor their wellbeing all year long. It can be a good year for Pig if they don’t stretch their limits. Romance is what you make of it but rather favorable.
Chinese astrology Wood frame

The Wood frame between the Goat and the Pig and Rabbit signs.
Copyright Laurent Langlais.

Here are some general tendencies if you know your Bazi. Remember that you can order your Bazi charts and detailed annual predictions, month by month, by emailing me. This month you get 20% of all charts!

  • The weak Wood Bazi should do well during the Wood Goat year: they see their wealth and gain some strength. This means good advancement in work and with income and potential romance for the men;
  • The strong Wood Bazi can also make money but are a bit more stressed overall, and should know when to take some break. It is good for romance too;
  • The Weak Fire Bazi are resourceful but can’t deplete themselves this year if they do too much; the year is less supportive than last one and they should take it easy. Romance is on the low side;
  • The strong Fire can be very productive if they channel their energy and don’t let the stress get to them. There is no extra money to be made or romance around, but they can build solid foundations this year;
  • The weak Earth Bazi doing fairly well and gain some traction. If they have a bit too much Wood in their chart however, they can expect freeloaders, nitpickers, and generally people on their back who want to use them. Romance is good if you are a woman;
  • The strong Earth Bazi are under pressure and feel pull in different directions; they should learn to rest and stick to their plan all year long. Romance can be good too, for women still;
  • The Weak Metal Bazi are doing better than last year. If they are willing to work they can see money opportunities: they have to put the words out and have a battle plan for the year. Romance is on the bright side for male;
  • The strong Metal Bazi feel some pressure at times but can make good money and even see promotions; they can make the best out of this year. Likewise,romance can be good for males this year;
  • The weak Water Bazi are in a tough spot and should really rest, do less, keep a low profile and build up with the idea of getting more in 2016. 2015 is tough and you can only rely on yourself, no doubt.
  • The strong Water Bazi are faring better and can actually benefit of the year at work and in term of romance, especially for female. Still, they should not be cocky or too ambitious and shall be satisfied with what they get.

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