Bazi goat month

Bazi world predictions for July 2016, Goat month.

Welcome back to the Feng Shui and Chinese astrology blog for another Chinese month. This time we enter the month of the Yin Wood Goat, that runs in the solar calendar from the 4th of July (independance day yeah!!!) to the 3rd of August 2016 included.

Last month, the Yang Wood Horse brough us a very eventful month, full of terrible events such as shootings and terrorist attacks, the chaos of the Brexit but also with unexpected silver linings such as the peace between the Colombia government and the Farc rebels after….40 years of conflict! You can see the analysis of the Horse month events in this article: Chinese astrology: July 2016, Goat month. Part 1: review of last month. Let’s see what the interaction of those new Bazi stems and branches between the Goat month and the Monkey year will bring us then. What follows are my predictions based on my analysis of this month.

Bazi goat month

The Goat month will bring some explosive events but also good will. Credit:

The Challenges:

  • Earthquakes at it again! We can expect a few significant earthquakes this month with unfortunately some casualties. Fire related events – such as volcanoes and wildfire – will however be less present than last month.
  • There are signs that a major institution or building in a Western country will be under attack this month. My predictions is for a terrorist attack on a major building; another airport or train station is not unlikely. Despite terrorism, we can expect also a cyber-attack of some sort this month -possibly from Russia or China against a Western country.
  • Military or UN intervention: expect a new conflict to arise, possibly around Africa, the middle East or South America. It could start with a fraudulent election and blatant corruption.
  • A month of major scandals. Expect big revelations on governments, some influencial politician and generally the exposure of corruption in major areas. Several aspects are likely to be touched: the military or police, justice and politics. We are also likely to see a pharmaceutical company in hot water with a possible drug related scandal –possibly around the heart of blood pressure.
  • In the same logic, expect a very tense democratic convention. Miss Hillary Clinton will be in hot waters and the endorsement of her candidacy might not go as smoothly as possible. A few scandals will appear around her name but she is likely to strike some deals to stop dissident voices. I am going to make the prediction that the DNC convention is not going to go well and that Clinton as a candidate is not going to bring unity around her.
  • Following this convention, Bernie Sanders is likely to form an alliance with the green party and run a third party with the green in the US, or the libetarians. This would be a unique turning point in modern US politics. Expect a lot of talk about this during the Goat month.
  • Boats and planes in trouble this month, with some technical problems and some safety issues arising.
  • Political reforms in several countries. The aftermath of the Brexit will be felt on Europe. Expect a conflicted month with no clear answer on what the UK will do and especially if it will actually leave or not.
  • An epidemics with a virus affecting either the lungs or the digestive system is likely this month.

The Good

  • Despite the chaos and confusion following the Brexit, the stock market should still hold this month. There will also be a talk of a compromise and the UK not really leaving the EU, which depending of which side of the fence you sit on can be a good or not so good news. The tendency of this month is like a dysfunctional family finding compromises they can live with after the madness of last month.
  • Good news for the environment. Real move toward fighting global warming, respecting the land and generally working better with nature. While last month was about nature way of either warming up the planet or trapping Co2, this month will be more about human action about it: management of the land for example with promising news around C02 trapping, or ecological farming. The soil will once again be talked about.
  • End of discrimination in some areas, for example in the state. It is not impossible that the unfair right to fire LGBT people in some southern states will be much talked about and brought to the supreme court, or reformed.
  • It should also be a good month for some native people striking some deal with their local government to have their lifestyle or land protected. Some environmental deals will be made this month with native tribes.
  • There will be an evolution in laws in some countries for a greater regulation of firearms and possibly to expose some corruption in the legal system and resolve it.
  • While we can expect to see violence in form of new act of terrorism, and cyber attacks, it is also a time when diplomacy will advance in several countries and on the international scene. Expect common solutions to be implemented between some governments and opponents or guerilla, and also some steps taken toward a greater respect of human rights and protection of some communities. There is the feeling that some people see the light this month and work toward the greater good.
  • Good news around governments funding the arts and injecting more money into educations.
  • Major discussion in some countries or states around further legalization of marijuana, that should get somewhere. The medicinal aspect of marijuana should again be discussed and highlighted. It is not impossible that an “illegal” medical case of a cancer patient trigger the debate.
  • Another spectacular month of archeological discoveries. This time it is likely to be more around weapons, jewels, something made of metal, a tomb or a treasure. A farmer could discover some of it. It could also be a good month for finding minerals, stones, and metal for mining.
  • Likewise, major discoveries in space. I mean major. About possible new starts, supernovas, new means of travelling. I expect some news about either solar flares, cosmic dust, soil of some planets or minerals from outer space to pop up
  • In term of science, probable news around photosynthesis or plants inner working, as well as seaweed or algua.   Possibly about the effects on global warming and how they could be part of the solution.
  • Overall it’s a month that brings some good will and people trying to work together, despite the obvious challenges of terrorism and the exposure of some scandals.

And that is all for this month predictions…

For the Bazi students and nerds: some explanations.

As usual, we have to take into account both the interaction of the month’ branch and stem together, but also the connection with the Yang Fire Monkey year and with all the hidden Stems in the roots. The month is Yin Wood Goat, or Yi Wei, inside a Yang Fire Monkey year, Bing Shen. While I cannot detail the whole process, here is some food for thoughts for you.

  • Tension between the Yin Wood and the Yin Earth contained into the Goat. This tension brings possible change in law, especially in regard to discrimination and the land, ecology and native people. This tension is likely to bring earthquakes.
  • The Yin Wood feeds the Yin Fire of the Goat Roots, then feed the Yang Fire of the year. In return the Fire feeds the Yin and Yang Earth (in month and year roots), all the way to the Yang Metal. The Yang Metal forms an harmonious combo with the Yin Wood that starts it all. Can you see how it could be good month for diplomacy, people working together and reform of some systems?
  • Still, the Yin and Yang Fire attack the Yang Metal, sign of possible cyber attack, terrorist acts but also idea of space discoveries to me.
  • The Yin Fire and the Yang Water in the month and year Roots form Wood, which tends to benefit ecology, the arts, education and people fighting around those notions. Consequently, the Water Element is very weak this month (transports among other things…).

There is much more to a Bazi analysis and I hope that those explanations give you the desire to discover more. I bring the same level of accuracy to the analysis that I’ll do of your own Bazi chart through a Skype or written Bazi consultation, so why don’t you contact me now to book your, understand your life mission and now what the next years have in store for you?

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