Bazi Wood Horse 2016

Chinese astrology: July 2016, Goat month. Part 1: review of last month.

Here we are again with an astrological review of what happened during the month of the Horse, aka (more or less) June 2016. It was a very eventful month for the world, one that might change the course of Europe among other things. You can find what my Chinese astrology predictions for this month were in this Bazi article and in this youtube video .

have come truth, but hey if you are following this blog you are use to it by now. Cheekiness aside, I am very grateful for the power of the Four Pillars, the methodology it has taught me and the intuition that I have about the world trend and I hope that you enjoy following this process along with me.

So, let’s review what major events happened during the month of the Yang Wood Horse 2016, before we have a look at the incoming month of the Yin Wood Goat. In italic, the excerpt from my predictions a month ago. The most spectaclar predictions that have been fulffiled this month are: the discovery of a major archeological buiding, the Brexit with the no winning, nanotech used to produce electricity, the several bombings and shootings and new ways discover to trap the CO2.

Bazi Wood Horse 2016

The month of the Wood Horse has been very eventful, as foreseen in Chinese astrology. Copyright:

Natural disasters: The main news: one major earthquake, or more. One major volcano erupting.

One notable earthquake woke up our Californian friends on the 10th of June.

The Solomon Islands had a major one on that day as well.

Indonesia had several earthquakes this month

and New Zealand had a new one as well. Realistically however, earthquakes happen every month and so this is not the best way to verify our theories on Bazi.

As for volcanoes, the occurrence of them erupting is a bit less, and so they are notable events. And certainly there was no shortage of volcanic eruptions this month, reflecting on the Fire Chi of the month that was too intense. The ring of Fire awakened:

And many eruptions were witnessed in the past few days in Central America with 5 Volcanoes showing intense activities in different countries:

Lastly, Iceland is seen sign that one of its major volcano is awakening earlier than expected:

Uncontrolled fire and wildfires, along the lines of Fort McMurray 

Wildfires happened and killed 2 in California this month:

But also in Arizona

There was also a massive Fire near Disneyworld Orlando this month, on top of the massacre we’ll talk about soon:

And various means of transport were on fire, showing that the excess of Fire Chi is not to be trifled with.

A Singapore airline flight:

A Texas freight train:

and buildings were on Fire too!

Droughts in several areas, affecting animals and agriculture

Droughts were literally everywhere this month.

In India:

In California of course:

In Michigan:

In Ontario:

The Brexit. The astrological tendency is for an exit of the UK from EU. If it doesn’t happen, it will be a close call and will have repercussion on the Euro currency, the European system and the UK government.

Well, do I really need to comment on how accurate this prediction was? Most people didn’t actually believe the UK would vote to exit the EU, but the month clearly showed these tendencies for disharmony and confusion rather than the other way around. I was spot on here. Also note that despite the Pound sterling crashing shortly after the Brexit and some people losing quite a bit of money, the stock market didn’t crash yet worldwide, tying up with my statement Stock market staying strong for now.

Scandals affecting high figures, especially politicians. Prominent figures put under trial, or exposed. Some governments in hot water, the UK one comes to mind. Clinton and Trump could be in trouble this month.

Where to start? From David Cameron resigning to the panic following the Brexit, the Labour coup against Jeremy Corbin is backfiring, and the fact that nobody wants to actually deal with the administrative aspects of the Brexit, this month was an absolute disaster for UK politics which exposed the scheming of their political class:

As for scandals, Hillary Clinton is in hot waters, even if most medias don’t report it (shocker here) with sustained allegation of fraud for her candidacy through the DNC election on top of more emails problems and associations with people of low morality, to say the least…

Trump didn’t had a good month either…with accusation of a child rape!

Outside of the US, we have seen major political scandals in Spain

In Japan:

And South Korea during the Horse month: fi

And finally the Austrian presidential election has been invalidated!

A lot of opposition between governments and people, with police violence and armed repression. Expect escalation in France but also strikes and protest with severe government repression in several countries.

The escalation of conflicts between workers and government in France was not exactly an understatement!

There is a violent opposition with the government in Ethiopia which is barely covered by the media and gather little reaction from the International community:

And there was some in Mexico ending up with some teachers deaths

One coup possible

No coup actually unless you consider the coup harbored against Jeremy Corbin…

Terrorist attack in one form or another. A bombing, shooting and assassinations are all likely events this month.

Oh well. Along with my accurate Brexit prediction, this other ones were unfortunately fulfilled many times over. Where to start with this crazy month? We had the Orlando shooting which has shaken the world and especially the LGBT communities:

Depending on how you see it, it’s either a shooting, a terrorist act, or both.

Then we also had a second mass shooting in Roswell during the same week:

The month is closing with another terrible attack in Istanbul with the bombing of the airport, a major terrorist act. With nearly 300 casualties, it is one of the worse terrorist act this year and I hope that it will receive the same coverage as the terrorist acts that happen in Western countries:

And various bombing, one close to the Jordan border:

Probable military intervention of the West that snowball into more problems.

There is indeed a conflict between Russia and the USA due to this month military airstrike from Russia.

Some high-tech companies will be in trouble. Expect a product recall or bug most likely for a phone or computer company

Well here we go with a major data breach for Twitter this month: “Data stolen from more than 32 million Twitter users has been offered for sale on the dark web for 10 bitcoin, or around US$5,800, LeakedSource reported Wednesday.”

More problem with oil at sea – consequences of last month oil spill or another source of pollution involving oil.

There was indeed a new oil spill in California this month, that almost reached the ocean:

Generally, expect news about contaminated water, pollution in water.


The New York time related that the General attorney is now suing 2 companies in the city of Flint for the water poisoning in town:

And what about this report that made the headlines this month? “Millions exposed to dangerous lead levels in US drinking water, report finds. New report says Flint water crisis is not an anomaly, as analysis reveals 5,363 water systems – providing drinking water to 18 million – breached federal laws”

Finally the comments of Mahmoud Abbas on Israel poisoning Palestinians through water didn’t go down too well…

Opposition around the oil industry – environmental issues and protests around along the lines of Pipeline Keystone.

The opposition to fracking was fierce this month in the UK and the US

And Jill Stein made the headlines fro bringing her public support to an anti pipeline group:

See later in this article however how this prediction manifested with the Northern Gatewaty pipeline.

High fever scenario through tainted food, some epidemics or contaminants. Most likely involving vegetable food or farming.

Well, Tesco at it again almost killing its customers with salmonella guacamole this month!

Depressing news around global warming and oceans.

How about starving because crops can’t keep up with global warming?

The big news was however about the increasing amount of C02 on Earth:

“Scientists warn that global warming target will be overshot within two decades, as annual concentrations of CO2 set to pass 400 parts per million in 2016”

One or more ship/boat in trouble – possible crash and sinking.

Problems with immigration crisis and difficult negotiations. The issue of relocating migrants will come up. This problem might also have with new migrants drowning this month…And involve the Greek border or islands, or Turkey.

Re-read this one: “Problems with immigration crisis and difficult negotiations.” What about this headline then: Brexit: EU says no compromise on freedom of movement.

I think that the BBC might read my predictions and fit their headlines accordingly, which is nice of them…

Spectacular month for Hollywood industry: strong returns at the box office during a year that has seen many blockbusters flop.

After a series of sequels underperforming this summer. Finding Dory shattered many record for an animated movie:

News around cinema/TV developments. New partnerships signed. Technological development around sounds or pictures, such as 3D.

Partnership signed this month indeed! Sony and GVN

GVN Releasing Pacts With Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Liongate buying Starz for 4.4 bn
and in term of technological development, there is NBC developing virtual reality content for Samsung devices:

Olympics in VR: NBC to Present 85 Hours of Virtual-Reality Content on Samsung Devices

Fights won for some environmental groups, class actions in regard to pollution, opposition to the destruction of natural land etc. Think along the line of native Indians vs government for a sacred land, in the US, the Amazon etc. Generally, good news around native people and traditional lifestyles, winning over excessive capitalism

It is EXACTLY what happened here as well with the Northern Gateway pipeline approval overturned in Canada, due to the militant work of the first nations people, merging my predictions about native people and the fight against oil and gas industry:

Spectacular photography and discoveries made in space, probably by Hubble;

How about a freaking SECOND MOON for the Earth!?

There was also news about a new space Internet technology developed by the Nasa:

Development around the technology of solar and renewable energy. Push for solar power in Africa, the middle East and Australia are all likely this month. Giant technological leap possible for the solar.

Several news around solar energy development in Australia indeed:

As well as the development of a new ultra thin solar cell, as I expected:

Spectacular month for design, architecture, fashion innovation and creativity

News around eco-building and natural fibers. Good push for organic agriculture, permaculture. Generally expect advance in ecology and a more natural urbanism and agriculture this month.

In term of eco building, the largest timber building in Australia is actively being planned.

As for organic agriculture, “A new report from Friends of the Earth, Farming for the Future, compiles the data and details how we can create a food system that feeds all people, now and into the future.”

Advance in rights of LGBT or transgender people

Somehow the advance in rights for LGBT people was bittersweet as the Orlando nightclub shooting was a wake up call for many people and a need to go back to activism and better safety for the community.

The Pentagon, of all institutions, decided to stop its discrimination of transgender people this month:

Major development around education, possibly charity relating to education in poorer countries. The news could involve some high-tech for distance learning.

The news was mostly around Paypal adding a charity donation button as far as I can tell;

Possible ways of trapping the Co2 through traditional farming. Expect interesting news around the soil, soil life, bacteria in the soil etc.

This prediction about new means to trap Co2 also manifested perfectly with the discovery that Co2 could turn into stone in Iceland:

Science: discoveries and development around nanotech, bacteria and virus.

There was news that virus outbreaks could now be predicted:

And development on the treatment of the zika virus:

Another strong month for advance in computer technology or electronics. Possible major news for a new form of electricity production involving nanotech or quantum physics: how’s that for a precise prediction! Expect also news around technology storage, optical fibers and high-tech ways to transport information and date.

All of those predictions has been validated with advances with studies in more efficient led manufacturing,

new transparent electronic components and

and new nanoconductors all announced this month.

I am especially proud of this one Researchers discover new way to turn electricity into light, using graphene to compare with Possible major news for a new form of electricity production involving nanotech or quantum physics: how’s that for a precise prediction!

Medical treatments targeting the heart and the eyes.

I was totally on track here as well with the development of new drugs for heart problems:

And medical news around the eyes as well:

Major discovery in archeology: possibly a tomb, whole city or layers of complex buildings. I expect this discovery to be around Egypt or the Middle East.

I am glad to report that this prediction was massively fulfilled and to the letter by the discovering of a new complex of buildings under Petra in Jordan this month!

As well as the probable finding of the missing Kublai Khan’s Palace in China:

And this wrap up the review of my predictions for this month of the Wood Horse, that has been eventful. Stay tuned for the month of the Goat Bazi predictions, your 12 signs forecast and the monthly Feng Shui luck boost.