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Chinese astrology for the Earth Rat month 2015. Part 2: world predictions 1

This Rat month is going to be interesting and eventful again. Like at other times during this Wood Goat year 2015, at its heart is a clash of Elements. It is a Yang Earth Rat month. The stem is Wu, the solid Yang Earth of mountains and boulders and the branch is Zi, the Rat, the peak of the Water Element in winter time. 100% Earth on top, 100% Water below…This month I thought that it would be nicer to do a video analysis, and so it is below for you to watch. You can find the Part 1 of this monthly analysis here.

In summary, here is what to remember about this month:

  • Earth/Water clash
  • Heavy on top, weak at the bottom plus Earth sliding on water: earthquakes, landslides and buildings collapsing.
  • Water accumulating at the bottom of the mountain: heavy snowfall with roof collapsing.
  • Earth stopping Water: forces of conservatism vs wisdom, but also down to earth logic vs fear and anxiety.
  • Earth/Water clash plus Fire formed: another bloodshed situation. Plane crash likely as well as a boats sinking;
  • Oil spill or contamination of a water stream, similar to the dam breakage of last month in Brasil.
  • The oil industry will be in the spotlight with new pipelines, drilling and probably offshores discoveries.

On the brighter side:

  • Records for the movie industry: unusual Fire surge for this season
  • Water is the wealth Element of Earth: good sign for real estate, insurance companies.
  • Also major discoveries in archeology in a year that has been very auspicious in this field. Expect discovery of underwater city or ships, treasures, as well as discoveries relating to sewages, water pathways etc. Treasures will be found underwater this month.
  • Probably some spectacular announcement around a museum project.
  • The surge of Fire coming from the union of Earth + Water = some joy from the union of forces. More massive solidarity movements in response to adversity and tragic events. Nature will show a tough side, but humans will unite to help.
  • Science: interesting developments in term of quantum physics. Possibly a theory on a new state of the matter.
  • Astronomy: news about the moon and the sun. Possible discovery of a new star system with a sun and moon. Possible breakthrough about a new mode of propulsion or mode of transport.
  • Good month for conceiving: union of Earth and Water bringing Fire is a symbol of male and female polarities creating a spiritual being.
  • Interesting debates on the theory of gender, or gender-related teachings and policies at school.
  • Good month for metaphysics development.

Relation Month-year: The Goat is the benefactor of Wu, Yang Earth. It means all Earth industries greatly benefit form this month. But also that the force of conservatism temporary win all over. On the plus side, tradition will stop the madness of too much development – for example traditional tribes winning some trial, possibly over mining on their land or pollution of the water stream. The kidneys aere blocked this month so be careful if you are sensitive to kidney stones. The heart is also weaker.

In term of Elements, taking into account both month and year:

  • Earth stop Water
  • Earth and Water form Fire
  • Water clashes with Fire
  • Some Water feed the Wood.

Which translates into:

  • Earth doing well
  • Fire doing ok – unusual surge for the season
  • Water not doing as well as usual
  • Wood doing ok (Water and Fire) = (too) early blossom
  • Metal confused: helped by the Earth, weakened by Fire and Water.

Earth is the great winner this month, Water the great looser, and Metal in between. Fire and Wood are average.

For the part 3, follow this link on your Chinese sign and Bazi predictions for December.

Bazi chinese astrology Rat.

An eventful Rat month: Chinese astrology predictions for December 2015. Credit:

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