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Welcome to my site. My name is Laurent Langlais. I am Feng Shui expert and consultant based in London and Paris. I am also an astrologer, specialised in the Chinese astrology know as Bazi, or Four Pillars of destiny. I offer Bazi consultations, Feng Shui for your home and Feng Shui for your business consultations all over Europe, the US and  worldwide.

I have been featured as a Feng Shui master and expert in Chinese astrology on:

  • the BBC radio (The Why Factor),
  • Yahoo Expert,
  • Bustle
  • Romper
  • Radio Canada,
  • Kindred Spirits
  • Medicinal Roots magazine

and have given conferences for:

  • Virgin Money,
  • The Feng Shui Society,
  • The UK Tarot conference,
  • Ozora festival,
  • Connection festival
  • Occulture

I am here to be the right person for you: the specificity of the lineage that trained me is to connect astrology and Feng Shui to get much more powerful results. So for now, let’s talk about you and why you found me.

Feng Shui consultant London

London Virgin Money Lounge conference 2015

A Feng Shui consultation: why?

If you end up on this site, it is most likely because you are either curious about what Feng Shui is and how Feng Shui works or because you are already looking for a Feng Shui home consultation or a business Feng Shui consultation in London, the UK, and worldwide.

You might have a vague idea that it will « help you » to improve your life; but you are clueless on how Feng Shui really works.

Or you are at a crossroad and need the guidance of Chinese astrology, through a Bazi/Four Pillars of destiny consultation.

And you are also probably unsure on why you should choose a London Feng Shui consultant, expert, master or astrologer over another…

Where to start when you are not even sure what we are talking about? Tough one!

My question for you is simple. Do you believe in magic?

  • Do you believe in a world beyond what we call reality and materialism?
  • An invisible world that still influences and shapes our whole lives?
  • In short, do you believe that there is a world of energy out there, and that we can use it to change our lives for the better?

If so, you are on the right page. Because this is what Feng Shui really is about.

If you know this magic to be as real as the rest of this world, then we have something in common. If you feel ready, we can use this form of magic to change your life right here, right now. IT WORKS and it does so through the logic of the Taoist 3 Lucks in our lives.

Feng Shui and astrology: magic at work.

As children, we all know that there is this other world that work we us. We feel it and we sometimes see it. Animals see it for sure; your cat doesn’t choose its sleeping place randomly, and ants don’t build their nest “just by luck”. Yet, we choose to build our homes or design our businesses forgetting all about it, in love with glass, steel and white walls. We cut trees to put concrete and think it’s “good energy” because we can live in it.

When after a few month of living, breathing and working in those buildings we start to experience difficult relationships, money loss, backstabbing in our career or health problems, we rarely connect the dots. And yet, many of your problems take roots in your house, and many of your financial struggles are explained by your business layout.

Why don’t we understand this relation of causes and effects? Because modern Feng Shui, like anything else, has been reshaped by the Western mind. A mind that is overly materialistic and that has watered it down. Science and philosophy redefined what we can accept as materialism. The rest “doesn’t exist”. Bullshit: excuse my French here.

And so too often Feng Shui has become purely psychological, purely symbolic, or purely mercantile. It is then depleted of its true force and magic.

What I am here to tell you is that you can put the magic back in your life.

  • We have lost the rituals and respect from ancient culture to our mother Earth.
  • We have lost the magical link that connected us to this other world.
  • A world of energy, vibrations and manifestations.
  • We have lost our ways and don’t even remember them.

I am here to help you reconnect to this energy.

Through your home Feng Shui consultation or business Feng Shui consultation, we will understand what your home does to you and how it does it.

Through the Chinese astrology Bazi consultation, we will understand who you are and what you should do to thrive.

Then, by connecting both Feng Shui and Bazi, we’ll unlock your sacred power to manifest.

Changing your story

Let’s face it: if you have found me, it is because you struggle one way or another. Your struggle with your relationship; with your work; with making money or, simply, with life not giving you a break from problems. If you experience struggles, it is because you are currently manifesting your fears rather than your dreams. My work as a Feng Shui consultant and astrologer is to show you where is your power and how to manifest differently.

So you can eventually build the life that you dream of, understand your path, be happy and prosperous.

It doesn’t matter if you came to my site because you want “to Feng Shui” your way to wealth, to a good marriage, a good love life or to a successful business. Or if you came here to understand your life its timing through Chinese astrology.

What matter is that you understand is that you can turn your life around. The power is in you, in your home, in your business premises and in the choices that you make everyday. Each week you manifest problems or greater harmony. You can choose to align yourself with the world of energy and put meaning back in your life; or you can choose to be more and more out of synch and experience chaos. Once you understand the logic and rules of energy to rewrite your own story, you can create the life that you want.

This is pure magic.

Are you excited yet? You should be! If you already feel that karma has brought us together and know that I am the right man for you, you can get in touch now for a Feng Shui home consultation, a Feng Shui business consultation or a Bazi consultation. I am based in London UK as well as Paris and I consult worldwide. You can read some testimonials on Feng Shui and Bazi. You can also listen to my astrology talk on the BBC radio.

You can also check my bio and credentials as a Feng Shui master and astrologer trained in Asia.  You can read my analysis of the Feng Shui of London. Or you can understand my method combining Feng Shui and Bazi. You can finally read my blog and join my Feng Shui membership to get you started easily at home every month.

Thank you for finding me and for trusting your intuition. I am very excited about the work we are going to do together to unlock your full potential in life. It’s going to be a beautiful adventure and it starts now.

Laurent Langlais

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Nikola Tesla