My method

In everything that we’ll do together, I am here to assist you into manifesting your best destiny . To allow you to become powerful, truer to yourself and to follow your calling. To align with who you are meant to be. To be HAPPY!

How can we do this, you might wonder? Let me explain.

My role is to make you realize your full potential and that your life can have more fun, become more meaningful somehow, more spiritual, more divine even… Or it can become less, too, if you need less! It’s your part to define the goals; my part is to give you awesome insights and clues on your own dynamics and the tools to reach your goals, while becoming someone who is more in sync with the planet.

 It’s though provoking, fun, profound, and a bit magic too.Magic?

Well yes…There is a twist in my method,  that is different from other life coach and consultants. I totally dig what they do; most of them do a fantastic job at empowering people and motivate us all to go higher. I find inspiration in this people. That being said, I bring something different in the equation with my method. The metaphysics.

Yin Yang & Five Elements

The 5 Elements used in Feng Shui. Copyright Laurent Langlais

First, there is a deep part that is about your true self as seen through the analysis of your Bazi, or Four Pillars of Destiny. We can then understand your life dynamics, your personality, your mission or calling; and there can be more than one, and also the period you’re in right now…Already we are not talking just about your brain, but about your soul, your true self, your karma.

Big words! Don’t worry, it’s not heavy, it’s just a different layer of knowledge. Success is meaningless if it’s not driven by a life purpose and good ethics, and this is also what I bring in for you.

Second, I don’t forget that for the Yang to exist and be efficient there must be a Yin. That means that we cannot always be in the competition, the achievement, the more, the 100% 24/7…And the inane stress that goes with it.

My job is also to help you identify how you can reintroduce sweetness, softness, kindness and compassion in your life choices and lifestyle.

Third, I am honoured to have learnt powerful ancient techniques to help you manifesting this life you want to align with in Asia. Through the power most specifically of the right Feng Shui, tailored to your own chart (Bazi), home and business, we create the tools that you need to make the transformation happen.

So here you have it: a deep understanding of your true self, a guidance to align yourself with who and what your want , and need to be;  and the proper tools to make this happen.

The WHY, WHEN and WHERE that defines the WHO: YOU, and  your unique awesomeness.

This method is based on the three factors that shapes us our lives, called The 3 Lucks.

What am I? I might be a holistic life coach, a Feng Shui expert working in London and Berlin, a skilled astrologer, a spiritual guide, an entrepreneur, a designer, a bit of a magician…Or I might just have come to an understanding of my path and the tools that I have, we all have been given to achieve it. My work is to show you how you can do this too: achieve harmony in your life and business, understand your life mission and be on the right track in everything you do. Are you eager to manifest? Then contact me now!