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Horoscope for your Chinese sign & Bazi. November 2016, Pig month.

Here is your horoscorpe for the 12 Chinese signs during the Yin Earth Pig month of November 2016. I also add a look at your Bazi/Four Pillars of destiny forecast through your daymaster. Remember that while the general influence affects you, the only accurate predictions are made on your full individual Bazi chart; […]

Bazi predictions Rooster

Chinese astrology for October 2016, Dog month. Review of the Rooster month.

Welcome back to my Chinese metaphysics blog, www.laurentlanglais.com, to discuss Feng Shui and the Chinese astrology of the 4 Pillars, or Bazi. It it this time of the month when we review what happened to the world during the previous solar month of the Yin Fire Rooster. You can read the Bazi […]