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Horoscope for the 12 Chinese signs & Bazi. Ox month, January 2017.   Recently updated !

Here is your 12 Chinese signs horoscope as well as your Bazi/Four Pillars of destiny forecast for the Yin Metal Ox month starting the 5th of January 2017. I also invite you to read my Feng Shui luck boost for the Ox month. The world predictions through the Bazi and a review of […]

January 2017 horoscope Ox.

8 directions Feng Shui London

The Feng Shui of London

In this article I’ll examine the macro aspects of London’s Feng Shui, in term of topography, layout and landscape. London is the most expensive European capital, in term of housing prices but also for…pretty much everything else, along with Paris oh la la…It is also the European cocaine capital, as […]

Bazi world predictions for September 2016, Rooster month.

Welcome back to www.laurentlanglais.com and the Chinese metaphysics blog, the place to read about Feng Shui and Bazi and to understand the mecanics of those Asian philosophies. After a well deserved summer break that took me to Colombia, at the time of the historical peace treaty, I am now back […]

Rooster Monkey Bazi